Frequently Asked Questions

Is my image good enough?
All images can ben drawn, but if the photograph you want to be drawn is in good quality, the illustration will turn out to be better.

Will I se the portrait befor you sent it to me?
Yes, I will send a copy of the illustration to you email when its ready. You will be able to make some small changes befor I print it and send it to you.

I want to order a portrait of two people, but have two different images. Is that okay? 
Yes, its okay. Send me the two images and tell me if you have any wishes. 

Can I cancel/change my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of the order date. If you want to change your order, contact us within 3 days. Customized items cannot be returned.

How do I reclaim an item?

Our products are handmade and personal made and cannot be returned. But if you are not satisfied with your product or if it is broken during delivery, contact us at hello@tildasbirthposters.com

Didn't get an answer to your questions? 
Send me a email to hello@tildasbirthposters.com