How it all started

My name is Matilda and I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my partner and my two kids Vilgot and Siri. While I am a nurse for my day-job, I have always loved drawing and painting and do so in my spare time.

When I had my first baby, Vilgot, I started painting water color sonograms, which in time diversified into acrylics, markers and digital art. Although Digital painting has become my main tool of expression, I still paint a lot and you’ll likely see some other inspiring creations in here.

After my second child was born in october 2020, from when she was a newborn, I realized that time was passing too fast. I wanted a keepsake to remember how small she was. So I started to draw..

I had a beautiful photo of my daughter Siri that I really wanted to draw. This photograph was from when she was newborn. The drawing became my first unique birth poster.

The very next day I painted a second picture of my son Vilgot at around the same age.

I shared both of the posters at my instagram account @tildasbirthposters and got a lot of requests from other people who wanted the same kind of drawings of their kids

I realized that a lot of parents wanted a keepsake to remember this first years with their children.

So now I draw birth posters on comission in my spare time. If this is something you would be interested in you can order at my webbshop.

You are welcome to contact me with questions.


All the best

P.s You can se more of my illustration at Soposters webshop